This course is a course that impacted tremendously on my life. It opened up my eyes to various ways I can use technology to improve the learning experiences of children in my care as well as I have gain knowledge and skills necessary to incorporate technology into my teaching practice.

    Before I saw the use of technology in the classroom as the use of the television to bring across a topic or the use of computer to display information acquired on the internet. Pictures we downloaded and placed on Microsoft Word to be printed or display to children in an activity by scrolling down on the computer, which seemed to be ideal at the time (Which is not). However, now I have an additional skill where I can add a kick to my presentations. I have acquired the skill in desktop publishing, power point presentation, photostory with a bit of audio, as well as skills in post casing, to make teaching and learning amusing and exciting. I also acquired the “now how” skills to create a website for my children to do enjoyable activities.

    The information gained from this course was so enlightening that I had to pass the information on to the other teachers at the centre in which I work. They found this information to be so useful, that they were wondering if there was a course available like this outside of the university, which I forgot to ask.    

    Though the journey was hard at times, where I was blocked out of my webnode account, media pieces not uploading and were time became a factor, the experience was one of great pleasure and worth the pressure.

    I would now like to take this time to thank all the lectures for their knowledge and skills passed onto me and my fellow colleagues, thanks for your time, patience, and for the innovative ways information was passed on. Thank you!

When Teachers Believe Children Achieve