About Me


    My name is Alana St. Cyr and I have been an Early Childhood Educator for the past six years, teaching children between the age group of three- five. I embrace teaching as an opportunity to pass on knowledge and provide experiences to children who may not be exposed to certain experiences.  I believe that learning should be a wonderful experience, which blooms, grows and inspire children to continue learning. I also embrace teaching as a way to improve the quality of life of our society by developing citizens who are critical thinkers, and have a sense of moral capacity.  
    Teaching children in this age group, one always have to find innovative ways to teach and be creative, expanding on children's knowledge and experiences. Through the use of technology this can be achieve. Technology is tool which  provides an added option for young children to learn.
    Over the past years technology has evolved, becoming more assessable, more user friendly and apart of our everyday lifes.  As educators it is our responsibility to support children's learning by exposing them to the use of these technologies not only as a way to transmit information, but by integrating technology into daily learning activities for children to create, experiment, and explore. When used appropriately, technology can support and extend learning, increasing educational opportunities for children.



  Our Users 


This website caters to all Early Childhood Educators who wants to improve teaching and learning the classroom.  Through the use of technology educators can provide for children with an experience that is different from the traditional ways of teaching and learning, one that is interactive, creative, innovative and ease to use.  Technology should be seen as one of the tools used to develop children's learning.



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