Desktop Publisher (DTP)

Desktop Publisher (DTP)

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Weekly Centre Base Learning Activity Record


The instructional piece designed,  is a Weekly Centre Base Learning Activity Record which was created using DTP the calendar temple.  This instructional piece was designed to be used in an early childhood environment at centre time to:

  • Record children's daily centre time activities.

  • Supervise children's daily attendance in all learning centres, giving each child a chance to attend each centre.

  • Monitor children's devlopment in the different developmental areas.

 When children choose a learning centre they would like to go to, to create their own learning experiences, the teacher can use this piece to record the children's choice and the activity they would be enaged in at the centre. At the end of the week the teacher can post a brief note. Copies can be made using different names to facilitate other children within the group.



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You can also use DTP to make certifiactes for your preschoolers who are leaving your institution. These are all the fun ways DTP can be used in the ECCE environment.



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