Audio Podcast

 Audio Podcast

a trip to the city.mp3 (2,7 MB)


A Trip to the City Audio Story


The instructional piece designed, is a Audio piece for children based on A Trip to the City of Port of Spain. This media piece was created using Audacity software and was designed to be used at the early childhood level, between the ages of three to five to:

  • engage children in imaginative play which is an effective tool used in early childhood environments for teaching and learning

  • enable children to develop the ability to listen for various purposes and respond in an appropriate manner.

  •  expose children to the use of information and communication technologies and how it can be used communicate information.

  • allow children to display certain affective skills such as interest, pleasure and enjoyment during listening.  

  • support language and literacy.

This technology can be used in a transportation theme or know my country theme. Information is provided so you can create your own audio piece to suit different themes.




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