Digital Storytelling

Digital Storytelling

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Fire Safety


The instructional piece designed, is a Fire Safety Clip created using Digital Photo story.  This instructional piece can be used by a teacher in any environment to: 

  •  educating other members of staff on fire prevention safety.
  • educate them on the uses of each equipment when there are signs of fire.
  • identify the location of each equipment in the centre or school environments. 


 It is a quick, simple and effective method in assist viewers on the steps to take when there is a sign of fire. This digital photo story on fire safety will assist viewers to have the visual representation of the objects along with an auditory aide explaining the function and use of each equipment.  It is proven that learner retain more when there are both audio and visual representations. This media type can be used for all ages as well as in any environment and has proven to be effective.


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