Power Point

Power Point

 power point famer brown farm animals.ppt (4,6 MB) 

 Farmer Brown's Farm E-Book


This instructional piece created is an E-B00k about Farmer Brown's Farm, which is to be used in an early childhood environment. The instructional objectives of this book is to:

  • develop listening and orally skills in the young learner.

  • create another alternative way stories are read at story time. 

  •  develop pre reading skills.

  • develop technology skills in teachers and children.

 This instuctional piece is an E-Book designed using Microsoft power point, to be used in an early childhood environment. This E-book can be used by the teacher in a lesson, before a lesson as a set induction, at centre time or a story time.  This can also be used as an individual activity for a beginner reader.

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