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    Hello all visitors, welcome to ECCE Teacher Tec. On this website you will see information you can use as a teacher to improve teaching and learning in our classroom. It demonstrates analytical skills in media production and design as well as ways in which media such as the use of computers and audio- visual equipment can be used to improve teaching and learning.


    There are four major sub-sections displayed to the left of the page: About Me, Portfolio, Reflections and Feedback which will navigate you the use to the different web pages on display. 


    Showcased in the Portfolio page is information on five different ranges of instructional multimedia developments such as:

  • DTP (Desktop Publishing),
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Power Point
  • Webquest
  • Podcast or Vodcast.

Each of these web pages showcased, a brief description of the instructional media piece will be given, the objectives of each piece, what level it was intended for, how it can be used in a lesson and how does using this resource in the classroom benefit the learner.


Hope the information gained from this website can benefit and assist you the user in improving teaching and learning through the use of media in the production of educational material.


Please Enjoy!


Visitor Note


To assist in ease navigation from webpage to webpage here is a diagram of the layout of the website.